Wrath of the Righteous


9th of Arodas, 4713 AR

On the 16th of Arodas, the holy day of Armasse will be celebrated Golarion wide. Once a holiday for the faithful of Aroden, it is now a day of importance for the Church of Iomedae and all those who mourn the God of Humanity.

Traditionally a day where the church trains commoners in combat, ordain apprentice clergy, pick squires for knights, and teach military history, hoping to prevent the mistakes of the past from being repeated.

However, in our great city of Kenabres, it is so much more. We will celebrate our might, our honour and those who have both served and fallen in the fight against the hordes of the abyss. Famous battles will be re-enacted, jousting of our most skilled cavaliers will thrill the crowds and grand melees will display the incredible prowess of the crusaders of Kenabres. We will raise our voices to the heavens above with prayer and song as Lord Hulrun gives his annual sermon.

Every man, woman, child and ally will be welcome across markets, taverns, churches and events across the city. With the Worldwound stretching out just beyond our walls, we will show them that the spirit of the crusade is ever burning and we will never allow their darkness to swallow our bright light of humanity.

This year, we will be blessed by the presence of the Triumvirate of Hope. Count Magnus DarcarusLady Aspexia Wintrish & Fru Brynhild Eirensdottir will be at the Kite, leading services to those who defend the heart of Kenabres, the Wardstone. Afterwards, they will be acting as the will of Queen Galfrey and will be knighting those who have proven their honour and heart over the last year. They are already in the city, so please, everyone show them your gratitude and love for they are the greatest heroes of the four crusades and are the pinnacle of human achievement and represent all of our eternal spirit.

Already the city is busy with excitement and draped in festival colours and banners. Do what you can for your neighbour and please, donate what you can to the church of Iomedae, for they are your shield from the horrors of the abyss.

- Canon Archibald Whiterose on the 9th Day of Arodas


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