Stavros Druid


Male Elf druid 1 Archetypes Feral Shifter,
None Medium humanoid (elf)
Init 4, Senses low-light vision; Perception +6
=========== DEFENSE ===========
AC 16, touch 12, flat-footed 14 (
4 armor, 2 Dex, )
hp 10 ((1d8)
Fort +4, Ref +2, Will +4, +2 vs. enchantment spells and effects

=========== OFFENSE ===========
Speed 20 ft.
Melee claws 3/3 (1d6+3)
Ranged sling 2 (1d43)
Special Attacks Spontaneous Casting,

=========== TACTICS ===========

=========== STATISTICS ===========
Str 16, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 7,
Base Atk +0; CMB +3; CMD 15
Feats Deadly Aim, Improved Natural Attack (Claws), Power Attack, Run
Skills Handle Animal +2, Knowledge (Geography) +4, Knowledge (Nature) +7, Perception +6, Spellcraft +4, Survival +9,
Traits Beast of the Society, Stolen Fury (Champion),
Languages Common, Druidic, Elven
SQ animal focus, bonus wild shape natural armor, elven immunities, fleet-footed, low-light vision, nature sense, orisons, wild empathy +-1, woodcraft, +1 bonus feat (2x), ,
Combat Gear
Other Gear claws, hide, bullets, sling (10) (2), druid’s kit, sling, 40.8 gp
=========== SPECIAL ABILITIES ===========
Animal Focus (Su) As a swift action, a feral shifter can take on the aspect of an animal, gaining a bonus or special ability based on the type of animal emulated. This functions as the hunter’s animal focus class feature (see page 27). The feral shifter can use this ability for 1 minutes per day. This duration does not need to be consecutive, but it must be spent in 1-minute increments. She can emulate only one animal at a time.

Background Skill (Handle Animal, Knowledge (Geography))

Beast of the Society A druid at the Grand Lodge revealed to you secrets changing your form into that of an animal. Whenever you use your wild shape class ability to turn yourself into a Small or Medium animal, the effect lasts for 2 hours per druid level instead of 1 hour per druid level.

Bonus Wild Shape Natural Armor Druid: Add +1/3 to the druid’s natural armor bonus when using wild shape.

Elven Immunities (Ex) Elves are immune to magic sleep effects and get a +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment spells and effects.

Family Ties Your family is extremely important to you, and you feel disheartened when you can’t do what they ask. When a family member makes a request of you, you must fulfill that request or take a 2 penalty on all Wisdom and Charisma-based ability checks and skill checks until you either do what was requested or succeed at a DC 20 Will saving throw, which you can attempt once per day at the start of each day. You can’t take this drawback if you have no family. If you ever lose your family or lose contact with your family, exchange this drawback for the Doubt drawback.

Fleet-Footed (Ex) While all elves are naturally lithe and agile, some also are naturally speedy and have a strong desire to rush into situations rather than worrying about looking ahead. Elves with this racial trait receive Run as a bonus feat and a +2 racial bonus on initiative checks. This racial trait replaces keen senses and weapon familiarity.

Low-Light Vision (Ex) You can see x2 as far as humans in low illumination. Characters with low-light vision have eyes that are so sensitive to light that they can see twice as far as normal in dim light. Low-Light Vision is color vision. A spellcaster with low-light vision can read a scroll as long as even the tiniest candle flame is next to her as a source of light. Characters with low-light vision can see outdoors on a moonlit night as well as they can during the day.

Nature Sense (Ex) You gain a +2 bonus on Knowledge (Nature) and Survival skill checks.

No Racial Subtype You have chosen no racial subtype.

Orisons You can prepare a number of orisons, or 0-level spells. These spells are cast like any other spells, but they are not expended when used and may be used again.

Spontaneous Casting You can channel stored spell energy into summoning spells that you haven’t prepares ahead of time. You can “lose” any prepared spell in order to cast any Summon Nature’s Ally spell of the same spell level or lower

Stolen Fury (Champion) You were forced to take part in a demonic ritual as a youth after being captured by cultists. Whatever the ritual’s purpose might have been, it didn’t work out the way your captors envisionedrather than losing your soul, you absorbed the ritual’s energy and made it your own before you escaped to / safety. Today, when you face demons in combat, those energies bolster your fury, granting you a +2 trait bonus on all combat maneuver checks against demons.

Treerazer’s Bane Having fought in many battles against the demon Treerazer, you have learned the best ways to kill the various creatures under his control. You gain a +2 trait bonus on weapon damage against demons, evil fey, and plants and animals corrupted by evil.

Wild Empathy

Wild Empathy (Ex) You can improve the attitude of an animal. This ability functions just like Diplomacy check made to improve the attitude of a person. You roll 1d20+-1 to determine the Wild Empathy check result. The typical domestic animal has a starting attitude of indifferent, while wild animals are usually unfriendly. To use Wild Empathy, you and the animal must be within 30 feet of one another under normal circumstances. Generally, influencing an animal in this way takes 1 minute, but as with influencing people, it might take more or less time. You can use this ability to influence a magical beast with an Intelligence score of 1 or 2, but you take a -4 penalty on the check.

Woodcraft (Ex) Elves know the deep secrets of the wild like no others, especially those of the forests. Elves with this racial trait gain a +1 bonus on Knowledge (nature) and Survival checks. In forest terrain, these bonuses improve to +2.

+1 Bonus Feat (2x) GM awarded PC with +1 feat.


Stavros Druid

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